Precast detailing: Quality and speed in concrete construction.

At NEOS, we offer a range of precast detailing services to suit your project needs. Our precast detailing services include:

  •  Precast design: We use Tekla structures to create 3D models of your precast elements, based on your architectural and structural drawings. We also perform design optimization to ensure the efficiency of your precast elements.
  • Precast fabrication drawings: We use Tekla structures to generate detailed fabrication drawings for your precast elements, including dimensions, tolerances, reinforcement, connections, and lifting points. We also provide shop tickets, bar bending schedules, material lists, and CNC files for your precast fabrication.
  • Precast erection drawings: We use Tekla structures to produce clear and accurate erection drawings for your precast elements, showing their location, orientation, and sequence on the site. We also provide assembly drawings, installation instructions, and anchor bolt plans for your precast erection.
  • Precast coordination: We use Tekla structures to coordinate your precast elements with other trades and disciplines, such as MEP, HVAC, fire protection, and landscaping. We also perform clash detection and resolution to avoid any conflicts or interferences during precast installation.



Design your elements

Provide us with your structural drawings and specifications, and let us design your precast concrete elements.



Detail your elements

Receive detailed and accurate drawings and schedules for your precast concrete elements, and check and approve them.



Fabricate your elements

Send the drawings and schedules to your precast manufacturer, and get your elements fabricated and delivered to your site.

We have a team of experienced and qualified precast detailers who can handle any type of precast project, from simple to complex. We use the latest technology and software to ensure the accuracy and quality of our precast detailing services. We also follow the industry standards and codes for precast detailing, such as ACI, PCI, AISC, BS, IS, etc.

We are committed to delivering your precast detailing services on time and within budget. We also provide revisions and modifications as per your feedback and satisfaction. We are always available for communication and collaboration throughout the precast detailing process.

We follow a systematic and streamlined process for our precast detailing services. Our process consists of the following stages:

    1. Collect Architectural, Structural, Facility Management Drawings: We gather all relevant drawings from you.
    2. Precaster Selection: You decide on a precaster and provide details such as maximum lifting capacity, casting unit capacity, transportation capacity, and standard connection type.
    3. Building Model Creation: Utilizing the collected information, we create the building model using Tekla structures.
    4. Initial IFC Submission: We send you the initial IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) model for review.
    5. Report Weight Ranges: We provide you with a report outlining the lowest and highest weights of the elements in the model.
    6. Incorporate Comments and Changes: We incorporate any feedback or changes from you into the model.
    7. Finalize IFC and Generate General Arrangement (GA) Drawings: Once the IFC is approved, we apply standard naming and generate the GA drawings using Tekla structures.
    8. Share GA Drawings: We share the GA drawings with all disciplines involved in the project.
    9. Incorporate Comments and Changes: We incorporate feedback and changes from the disciplines into the GA drawings.
    10. Shop Drawing Preparation: Using the design report from the structural engineer, we prepare the shop drawings using Tekla structures.
    11. Special Connection Detailed Drawings: If required, we create detailed drawings for special connections using Tekla structures.
    12. Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) Generation: We generate BBS from Tekla structures, adhering to country-specific standards.
    13. Issuance of Shop Drawings and GA for Construction: Once approved, we issue the finalized shop drawings and GA drawings for construction.
"I have worked with NEOS now for a long time, ever since their inception. I highly recommend this business. They are extremely skilled in Precast Concrete Detailing, have a very friendly team and produce great work."

If you are looking for a reliable and professional precast detailing company, look no further than NEOS. Contact us today to get a free quote for your precast detailing project.


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