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Henna Salam

Henna Salam, Co-founder and Director of Neos Engineering Services Private Limited, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in structural engineering to her role. With a background rooted in innovation and a deep passion for advancing construction practices, she contributes to the strategic direction of Neos. Her responsibilities encompass a diverse range of areas, including business development, client engagement, and technology integration. By leveraging her knowledge of precast detailing and dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions, she actively drives Neos Engineering Services towards achieving its goals of excellence and industry leadership. Henna's collaborative spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering make her an integral part of the dynamic team, working towards transforming possibilities into reality. Her journey, from mentoring students during her academic pursuits to pioneering innovative precast solutions, showcases her dedication to education and engineering excellence. With a master's in structural engineering and a versatile skill set, she's instrumental in Neos' pursuit of elevating construction standards through integrated architectural and engineering innovation.

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Kerala, India.
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